What are unclaimed assets?
Unclaimed assets also referred to as unclaimed properties are something of financial value that individuals, estates and companies are unaware of. These unclaimed assets are being held by government or other agencies.

Why do assets go astray?
Assets go astray due to moves, marriages and deaths. There are errors made in registration of names and addresses. When assets are owed to an estate if there is no will it may be difficult to determine the rightful heirs. Some people are not aware of their entitlement to the assets. Companies move, go through acquisition and mergers and are unaware that they are entitled to certain assets.

Why was I not contacted directly by the source of the unclaimed assets?
The sources of these funds typically make an initial attempt to find the owners of the unclaimed assets however their core business and expertise is not in tracing people therefore their initial effort is typically not successful. E.B. Rich Research possesses the skill-set, staff and expertise in locating the entitled parties.

With all the publicized scams, how can I be sure this service is legitimate?
E.B. Rich Research is a Private Investigator Agency licensed with the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services of Ontario. Since we are a licensed agency we have to be in full compliance with the Private Security and Investigation Services Act, 2005 (PSISA). Our company is inspected on a regular basis to ensure compliance. We are also an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. Our reputation is vital to us therefore we always conduct our business professionally and with the utmost integrity.

Why work E.B. Rich Research?
We have a proven track record. Our professionals are committed to locating and recovering lost assets on behalf of our Clients. We have the expertise in research (proprietary software and information) and claim identification. We work on a contingency fee basis. No risk – high return.